William R Davis Artist Material List





William R Davis Artist Material List


Most Common Colors to be used in the workshop:
All of these colors can be bought at Utrecht
 or  at 
Jerry's Artarama

My prefered brands of paint is Gamblin or Rembrandt .

White  (
blend 50% zinc & 50% Titanium)

Ivory Black

Sepia (optional) I use this often as my black    (Rembrandt best)

Yellow Ochre

Cadmium Yellow Deep

Cadmium Yellow Light

Cadmium red (medium)

Venetian or Indian Red

Raw Umber

Greenish Umber   (Rembrandt best)

Ultramarine Violet

Ultramarine Blue

Cobalt Blue

Cerulean Blue   (expensive)  (Cerulean Blue Hue can be used, it's cheaper but not quite as good)

Indigo Blue (optional)

Prussian Blue (optional) rarely used

Transparent Oxide Red (optional)  but but used often in glazing, handy to have.

Transparent Oxide Yellow (I use a lot)

Dioxazine Purple

(I prefer to use no strong greens on my palette. I make my greens from blues. But please bring greens you may usually use)

Please Avoid Alkyds they dry too fast for soft brushing 





Bristle Rounds:  0, 2, 4

Bristle Flats:  2, 4, 6,

Bristle Fan: 2, 4

Nylon Brights:  6, 10, 20

Nylon Rounds: 0, 1, 2, 4

Large Nylon Flats for soft brushing (see image below) available at almost all art & craft stores


(I also have an assortment of more unusual brushes on site for personal use, I would prefer that you become accustomed to try using these before purchasing them for the workshop)





Linseed oil or even better Cold Pressed Linseed Oil (any make will do)

(I use no varnish or turpentine in my medium)

Brush cleaner I use Turpenoid Natural  (low odor)

 but many artists still prefer regular turpentine

Palette Knives:


any Standard Medium


Preferred Painting Panels:



Acrylic Gesso primed canvas panels (these can be quite dry and usually poorly coated) If you use these, you may want to add a couple more gesso coats.

Acrylic Gesso primed hardboard panels
1/8 flats are best. you do not need cradled boards.

Jerry's Artarama has a good selection here:  Gessobord

(best sizes for workshops are 6x8, 8x10, 9x12)

Easels      Indoor studio workshops usually have an assortment of easels available for use.  They are not very expensive and stable with light wind.

                Outdoor (Plein Air) it is recommended bringing a standup easel such as a French Easel or many types of pallette boxes that attach to camera tripods

Have any other questions you can email me at: wrdfa@comcast.net