William R. Davis


 Partial Inventory of Sold Works

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Schooner Yachts Racing on Long Island Sound                                16x24 
Summer White Mountains                                                                            4x6
Waiting for the Tide off Rose Island                                                   8x14
Hidden View, Seal Cove, ME                                                                      6x8
Yawl Cruising off West Chop, MV                                                         8x12
Distant View Mt. Desert   (Plein Air)                                                    10x8
Hudson River Sunset                                                                                  4x6
Racing off West Chop Light, MV                                                            8x12
Christmas Morning East Dennis                                                            8x10
Farm near Seal Cove, Mt. Desert                                                             6x8
Sunrise at Fort Hill Overlook                                                            12x18
Snow & Sleet at the Willey House, NH                   (plein air)             6x8
Red Sands on Crowes Pasture Beach, Dennis                                    8x16
Calm Breeze off Tarpaulin Cove                                                         12x16
Sunset on the Banks                                                                               16x24
View from Cadillac Mountain                                                                 8x12
Seal Cove, Mount Desert Maine   (plein air)                                        8x10
March, Echo Lake, Franconia Notch, NH   (plein air)                        10x8
Tuscany Hillside Villa                                                                              8x12
Yachting off Boston Light                                                                      8x12
Becalmed off Great Point Light                                                          11x14
Yachting on Nantucket Sound                                                                8x12
Pair of old apple trees Black Mt.   (plein air)                                        6x8
Mount Washington Vista    (plein air)                                                       6x8
Late Afternoon, Plymouth NH           (plein air)                                      6x8
Brig at Sunset                                                                                            8x12
4000 Feet, Mt. Washington, NH  (plein air)                                          8x12
Old Man on the Mountain                                                                          8x6
Winter River View, Franconia, NH     (plein air 2003)                         10x8
Gusty Winds off Martha's Vineyard                                                       8x12
Day Sail off Oak Bluffs                                                                           8x12
Pilot Schooner off Minot's Light                                                         8x12
Running Down Wind                                                                                  8x12
Race Trials off Oak Bluffs                                                                   16x24
Catching a Southwest Breeze off Gay Head Light                         15x23
Carrie L. Tyler off East Chop Light                                                    24x36
Drifting Along off West Chop                                                                8x12
Waiting for a breeze off Vineyard Sound Lightship                       30x50
Hazy Day off West Chop                                                                           8x12
Vineyard Bound                                                                                          8x12
Brig off West Chop                                                                                     6x8
Sunset of White Island                                                                               6x8
Becalmed off Martha's Vineyard                                                            8x12
Fishing at Sunrise                                                                                      8x12
Choppy Seas off Vineyard Sound Lightship                                       8x12
Yacht Passing East Chop Light                                                            24x36
Race Trials off West Chop                                                                   14x28
Day Sail off West Chop                                                                            8x12
Sunset After Glow                                                                                    8x12
Anchoring off Boston Light                                                                 16x24
Twilight on the Banks                                                                               8x12
January Dusk, Sandwich, MA                                                                       6x8
Running Down Wind off Point Judith                                                  10x16
Gusty Winds off Boston Light                                                                  6x8
Prepare to Come About                                                                               6x8
Brig at Sunset                                                                                               4x6
Return at Twilight                                                                                        4x6
Sunrise Lancaster County, PA (plein air)                                           6x8
Passing Rain Shower, Cannon Mt. N.H.                                                   6x8
Boston Garden Swan Boats                                 plein air)                     6x8
Yawl off Chatham Light                                                                           8x12
Day Cruise off West Chop, MV                                                                8x12
Fading Light                                                                                                8x12
Running Down Wind on Nantucket Sound                                              6x8
Racing off Stone Horse Lightship                                                           6x8
Entering Nantucket Harbor                                                                      6x8
Classic Boat Day, Mystic 2003   (plein Air)                                          10x8
Fishing at Last Light                                                                                 8x12
Catching a Breeze of Nantucket                                                            8x12
Squall off Block Island                                                                          8x12
Yachting in New York Harbor                                                                  8x12
Yachting on Nantucket Sound                                                                8x12
Yacht America                                                                                             8x12
Indian River Cove                                                                                        8x11
Indian River Sunset                                                                                      6x8
Quiet Inlet near Vero Beach                                                                      8x6
Riverside Park, Vero Beach                                                                      10x8
Rain Showers on Indian River                                                                  8x16
Inland Waterway Traffic                                                                            6x8
A Wasp's Delight                                                                                        8x12
Just Picked                                                                                                  8x12
Dusk, Indian River                                                                                       8x10
Prepare to Tack                                                                                            4x6
Indian River Inlet                                                                                     10x20
Indian River Islands                                                                                 10x20
Inland Waterway Travelers                                                                   10x20
Hummingbirds and Orchids #1                                                               24x12
Hummingbirds and Orchids #2                                                               24x12
Naples Sunset                                                                                               6x8
Fading Light Indian River                                                                          10x8
Inland Waterway Sunset                                                                           10x8
River Afterglow                                                                                         8x12
Yachting off West Chop                                                                        10x16
Fishing at Dusk                                                                                              6x8
Fading Light on the Indian River                                                             8x12
Twilight River Traveler                                                                            8x12
Fishermen off Montauk Point                                                              10x20
Twilight Sail                                                                                                   6x8
Naushon Island Sketch                                                                              6x8 
Pilot Schooner off Boston Light                                                            4x6
Amish Farm from the Hill (plein air)                                                       10x8
Race Day off Martha's Vineyard                                                             8x12
Sudden Gust                                                                                               4x6
Down Wind of Stone Horse lightship                                                      4x6
Steamboat Martha's Vineyard off Oak Bluffs                                 2  4x40
Yachting off nantucket  Hotel                                                               8x12
Sunset Study #4                                                                                            6x8
Old Oysterville Oyster Shack                                                              10x8
Mountain Cornfield After Glow                                                            7x11
Cuttyhunk from Tower Road  (plein air)                                              8x16
Vineyard Haven Boat House (plein air)                                                   10x8
Edgartown Light, July 2002                                                                    10x8
Amish Farm  (plein air)                                                                                 6x8
Fishing Sunset Miniature                                                                             4x6
Boston Brownstone Winter Morning                                                      8x6
Valley Trees, Yosemite                                                                              8x10
Near Central Park, New York (plein air)                                                6x8
Sailboats on the Hudson, Tarrytown, NY     (plein air)                     10x8
1730 McConnell Homestead, Chambersburg, PA                            24x36
Day Sail off West Chop                                                                              8x12
Sunset After Glow                                                                                       8x12 
Yachting off Gay Head Light                                                                     8x12
Day Sailing off Cuttyhunk                                                                         8x12
Afternoon Sail off West Chop                                                              10x16
Departure at Dusk                                                                                     12x10
Calm Sunset                                                                                              12x18
Becalmed off Latimer's Reef Light                                                       24x36
Day Sail off Point Judith                                                                            8x12
Coastal Fishermen                                                                                       8x12
Twilight Return                                                                                             8x12
Cuttyhunk for Tower Hill                                                                       18x36
Racing off Edgartown                                                                               10x16
Inland waterway Shoals                                                                             8x12
Fishermen at Twilight                                                                                   8x12 
Cruise off Vineyard Lightship                                                                 16x24
Cat Racing off Edgartown Light                                                             8x12
Squall off Boston Light                                                                          10x16
Schooner at Sunset                                                                                   10x16
Catching a Breeze on Indian River                                                             6x8

Distant Thunder Storm, Indian River                                                    10x20
Winter Twilight Chapin Beach Marsh                                                      8x12
Afternoon Vista from Cadillac Mt.            (plein air)                                 8x6
Becalmed at Sunset                                                                                        5x7
Anchoring off Boston Light                                                                       16x24
Twilight on the Banks                                                                                 8x12
January Dusk, Sandwich, MA                                                                       6x8
Schooner Yacht Racing in New York Harbor                                         8x12
Cove View, Bernard, Mt. Desert  (plein air)                                              8x10
Inland Waterway Traveler                                                                          8x12
Twilight Fishermen                                                                                          6x8
Dusk Return                                                                                                   10x8
Fishermen at Sunset                                                                                     8x12
Winter River View, Franconia, NH              (plein air 2003)                    10x8
Boston Harbor Traffic                                                                                   8x16
Yachts racing of Nantucket                                                                         8x12
Sakonnet Light   (plein air)                                                                           10x8
Chocorua Lake Vista                                                                                         6x8
Fishing at Last Light                                                                                        8x12
Last Light                                                                                                        6x8 
Yachting off Point Judith                                                                               8x12
Summer Cruise off Nantucket                                                                      8x12
Penobscot Miniature                                                                                        4x6
Summer Sailing off Great Point Light                                                      24x36
Hillside Cortona, Italy                                                                                    6x8
Conway Covered Bridge      (plein air)                                                           8x6
Conway Valley Christmas                                                                               6x8
Nantucket Bound                                                                                             8x12
Yachting of Great Point                                                                                 8x12
Twilight in the Mountains, NH                                                                       6x8
Red Sunset Indian River                                                                               8x12
Vero Sunset                                                                                                    6x8
Wildcat River Vignette                (plein air)                                                    8x6
First Cut, still life of watermelon                                                                   6x8
Yawl at Twilight                                                                                               6x8
Winter River, Conway, NH                  (plein air)                                       10x8
Brush Fire near Big Sur    (plein air)                                                         10x8
Fading Light off Montauk                                                                       10x16
Day Sail to Tarpaulin Cove                                                                        8x12
Yachting on Long Island Sound                                                                   8x12
Roadside Shrine, Tuscany                                                                           6x8
Race Trials off Newport                                                                              8x12
Schooner Lizzie Young                                                                               24x36
Racing on Long Island Sound                                                                    8x12
Brig George W. Jones                                                                                24x36
Race off Fisher's Island                                                                             8x12
Cruising off Great Point Light                                                                   8x12
Approaching Nantucket Harbor                                                                8x12
Chocorua Lake Sunlight                                                                            14x24
Chapin Beach Marsh Study   (plein air)                                                   8x12
Hudson River Sunset                                                                                6x8
Whaler at Sunset                                                                                      8x12
Last Catch                                                                                                8x12
Summer Haze over Echo Lake, Franconia, NH                                      7x10
World's End Field                  (plein air)                                                  6x8
Misty Field near Mt. Willard                                                                 8x10
Racing on Long Island Sound                                                                 8x12
Storm over Mt. Willard, White Mt. NH  (Plein air)                             10x8
Afternoon at Chapin Beach Marsh   (plein air)                                   10x16
Fading Light, Bartlett NH   (plein air)                                                    6x8
View from the tip of Baileys Island, Maine                                          10x16
View Toward White Horse Ledge, NH                                                  8x10
Tamworth Village and Mt. Whitter, NH                                                10x8
Changing Weather, Washington Valley, NH                                         8x10
Field of Wildflowers, Mt. Washington Valley, NH  (plein air)              10x8
Winter Saco River                                                                                   8x10
Racing off East Chop                                                                            18x36
Summer Cruise off West Chop                                                          24x36
Morning Mist, North Conway, NH            (plein air)                         10x8
Sailing off Gurnet Lights, Plymouth, MA                                           8x12
Prepare to Tack                                                                                   8x12
Surf at Crows Pasture Beach                                                               8x16
Watching the Departure                                                                       6x8
Fading Light at Cortona                                                                       7x10
Down Wind Sail Home                                                                        14x24
Racing off Latimers Reef Light                                                         10x16
Schooner Franklin off Stone Horse Lightship                                   10x16
Mt. Cranmore from the Bypass Rd. North Conway, NH                 10x16
Sunlight Reflections                                                                              24x46
Misty Morning, Mt. Willard                                                                 6x8
Study - Sunlight on Chocorua Lake                                                     8x16
Misty Sunrise Echo Lake                                                                      8x10
October on Scorton Creek Marsh    (plein air)                                  10x8
Mountain Lake Sunrise                                                                      36x48
January Morning Washington Valley                                                 8x12
Racing in New York Harbor                                                              14x24
Cathedral Rock, Yosemite                                                           23x15 
Autumn, Ellis River, NH                                                                   7x10
Old Sunset Study                                                                                5x7

Finished Climb                                                                                   8x10
Sunset, Boston Light                                                                       8x10
Mt. Washington Auto Road                                                               6x8
Everglade Sunset                                                                             8x12
The Meadows, Yosemite       (plein air)                                        7x14
Schooner Yacht on Vineyard Sound                                         10x16
Indian River Traveler                                                                       8x10
Inland Waterway Sunset                                                                10x8
Fishing at Sunset                                                                               4x6
Evening Catch                                                                                  8x12
Catboat Running Down Wind                                                      8x12
Schooner Yacht Racing                                                                8x12
Sunrise Fishermen                                                                         8x12
Island Rendezvous                                                                      10x20
Sunrise Southwest Harbor                                                         10x16
Chocorua Lake Sunlight                                                                 8x10
Race off Tarpaulin Cove                                                                 8x12
Shake Down Cruise on Vineyard Sound                                 10x16
Racing Cutters on Vineyard Sound                                           10x16
Sudden Delight                                                                               16x10
Just Found                                                                                       16x10
Shenandoah off Gay Head Light                                                     6x8
August Haze off Boon Island Light                 36x72    (larger jpeg)
Dusk at Isle of Shoals                                                                       8x12
Storm over Mt. Willard, White Mt. NH  (Plein air)                       10x8 
Afternoon at Chapin Beach Marsh   (plein air)                                  10x16 
Fading Light, Bartlett NH   (plein air)                                                      6x8
View from the tip of Baileys Island, Maine                                        10x16 
View Toward White Horse Ledge, NH                                         8x10 
Tamworth Village and Mt. Whitter, NH                                       10x8   
Changing Weather, Washington Valley, NH                              8x10 
Winter Saco River, Late Afternoon                                                 8x10
Summer Cruise off West Chop                                                  24x36   
Racing off East Chop                                                                           18x36 
Morning Mist, North Conway, NH            (plein air)                   10x8  
Prepare to Tack                                                                             8x12  
Sailing off Gurnet Lights, Plymouth, MA                                    8x12  
Surf at Crows Pasture Beach                                                        8x16  
Watching the Departure                                                                   6x8 
Fading Light at Cortona                                                                         7x10 
Mt. Cranmore from the Bypass Rd. North Conway, NH                10x16  
Down Wind Sail Home                                                                        14x24  
Racing off Latimers Reef Light                                                           10x16 
Schooner Franklin off Stone Horse Lightship                           10x16
Field of Wildflowers, Mt. Washington Valley, NH        (plein air)        10x8 
Misty Morning, Mt. Willard                                                                  6x8
Study - Sunlight on Chocorua Lake                                                       8x16 
January Morning Washington Valley                                                    8x12  
Misty Sunrise Echo Lake                                                                   8x10
Sunlight Reflections                                                                              24x46 
Mountain Lake Sunrise                                                                       36x48  
Racing in New York Harbor                                                                 14x24
October on Scorton Creek Marsh    (plein air)                             10x8 
Cruising off Great Point Light                                                            8x12
Hudson River Sunset                                                                            6x8 
Last Catch                                                                                            8x12  
Chapin Beach Marsh                                                                           8x12
Summer Haze over Echo Lake, Franconia, NH                  7x10
Racing on Long Island Sound                                                          8x12 
Chocoura Lake Sunlight                                                  14x24
World's End Field                  (plein air)                                                  6x8 
Misty Field near Mt. Willard                                               8x10
Schooner Lizzie Young                                                     24x36
Brig George W. Jones                                                    24x36 
Race off Fisher's Island                                                     8x12
Indian River Traveler                                                      8x10
Inland Waterway Sunset                                                     10x8
Fishing at Sunset                                                                4x6 
Evening Catch                                                                  8x12 
Yachting off Block Island                                                 8x12  
Catboat Running Down Wind                                           8x12 
Sunrise Southwest Harbor                                              10x16 
Catboats Racing on Vineyard Sound                                          24x36
Roadside Shrine, Tuscany                                                                   6x8 
Sudden Delight                                                                  6x10 
Just Found                                                                      16x10 

August Haze off Boon Island Light                                  36x72
American Bark Hazard off Cuttyhunk Island 1879                   36x56 
Washington Valley View                                                        8x10 oval 
Captain's Wife                                                                                     24x36
January Morning Mt. Washington Valley                                      10x16
Dusk at Isle of Shoals                                                                          8x12




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